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Meet Debra master coach of Tony Robbins team

Dive into what a coach can bring you

Beyond the fact that Debra has been my coach for a few years, I wanted to show you how valuable having a coach can be.

There are all sorts of coaches out there, but Tony Robbins coaches are just from a different league.

Not once I have wondered whether it was a smart investment for me, because it is an investment. And the few people I know who have a coach feel the same way. As the pace of life seems to get faster and faster, a competent coach is just a fantastic addition. I enjoy every session I have with Debra, you will understand why when you listen to her or watch her on Youtube.

Are you wondering what truly a coach is? How different from a therapist, a psychotherapist, or a mentor is it?

Listen up because Debra clarifies what a coach is and how you can benefit from it. You can also watch the video of this podcast episode on Youtube.

Why would we need a coach? The variety of reasons people seek coaches come so far from the benefits we actually get.

I started off with Debra because I wanted to stay focused on my business while we were relocating to Singapore. Now Debra helps me clarify things: she highlights my thoughts that are not necessarily serving me and she offers new perspectives and tools to handle challenging times.

As you will hear Debra say each coach is different and the experience is therefore different. One thing though remains, we grow and become the best and the happiest person we can be as a result.

A quality coach is better than a best friend: your coach’s vested interest is you, and only you. The emotional bond we forge as time goes never comes in the way of our best interest. This is a relationship based on mutual respect that helps you feel valued.

We women often take on much more than we can handle. We often feel we have no choice. As a result, we live our lives juggling with the constraints that we unconsciously accept.

What if there was a different way? What if we took a closer look at the reality of our life and see what we can change to feel better?

The goal is to feel happier

Feeling better is the starting point for all our interactions: everyone around you benefits from a smarter way of living that makes you feel good.

Whether you question your life or not, don’t you think it is time for a check-up so you are in control of what comes next?

Interested in starting your new life?

Contact Debra to find your Tony Robbins coach. She will guide you through the process.
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