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This blog allows me to share with you everything I find important to entertain you or inform you.



An invitation to reflect, ponder, and change for the better

Life is hard. No one is spared from life challenges that are bound to occur at one point or another.

What I have understood about my own challenges is how much growth can come with each of them.

First, they knock us down, then we reflect, last we become a better person.


From a podcast helping to understand women, via articles about heterosexual relationships, to tips regarding health.

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A Podcast: Women's Talk, interviews and food for thought

A Unique Book, result of my research

Holistically Helping Relationships

What to look for to make it work....

Considering your relationship outside of your context is meaningless

This is why this is not a "how to" book

It is a summary of what matters, a guide for where you focus should be

Available in PAPERBACK, KINDLE on Amazon

& in AUDIOBOOK on Audible


Articles about health, diet, parenting...

Anything about life that matters

With author Cecile Ellert, aromatherapist & a great cook!

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French woman in my late forties, I keep learning and growing every day of my life

My Life in bullet points

  • French certified lawyer specialized in litigation & international arbitration
  • Married with 2 children born in France and one in Hong Kong
  • I have lived in France, UK, Singapore, Hong-Kong, California
  • My husband and I have not lived in France for the past 17 years.
  • Passionate about learning about health, about romantic relationship, about diet, and everything that catches my attention
  • Extensive reader and podcast listener
  • Entrepreneur, the female way.

A woman, a wife, a mother, an entrepreneur

I walk the road I preach. I never let anything swallow my life. I believe in balance and setting priorities.

I am not a professional mom. I pay close attention to my relationship with my husband.

And I constantly question my parenting my children.

My work as an entrepreneur is what I love doing. Even if it is not necessarily rewarding, I find it thrilling and exciting.

What I do in a nut shell

  1. I nurture my relationship with my husband. We will celebrate our 20th anniversary in 2018.
  2. I am always there for my children: my eldest son is graduating this year, my daughter is in her sophomore year, my last son is in 5th grade.
  3. I founded and managed 2 websites: ezcouple.com, and womenlybiz.com. See below for more about them.
  4. I published a book on Amazon called Happily Ever After in the Real World based on the research I did to conceive EZcouple.
  5. My podcast is my recess time: I absolutely love it.

My Goal

I hope to help as many as possible.

The only way I can be more efficient in sharing what has value for you, dear reader, is that I get to know you better through my email list.

If you subscribe here I will personally greet you and you will see that I never spam. I only email when there is something new relevant. And I try to make it short because I value your time.

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I am very proud of these two websites!


Online directory for female entrepreneurs & women associations