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A man who loves women and teaches us to love ourselves

A makeup artist who says the most beautiful face is a bare face

What a pleasure it was for me to interview Joseph!

He is an amazing man and his experience as a makeup artist, hair stylist, and photographer makes him a true gem.

If you listen to the podcast and/or watch the video related to it, you will learn about beauty in a radically different way.

“Makeup is to enhance not to disguise”, he says at one point. You will get a whole new perspective on your face, your lines and wrinkles, and the face you have today as a reflection of your life.

Joseph’ s work can be seen on his blog

You will see what an expert he is for the fashion industry beauty standards. That makes his view of true beauty even more impressive.

This why he loves so much these photos he took of Dawn Gallagher with no makeup and only natural lighting.

At another point in our conversation, Joseph explains how Rick Guidotti, famous photographer helped him understand where true beauty lies.

Rick Guidotti has been on a quest to find beauty in genetic diversity. his work is best reflected in this book “Change How You See, See How You Change”

An enlightening experience for Joseph

“This work I was privileged to have with Rick with girls and women who have albinism, has profoundly affected my perception of beauty”