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Dawn, a top model with a great soul

I hope you will enjoy this conversation with Dawn as much as I did recording it. Since I met Dawn I feel lighter and more able to embrace ageing. Would love to know if that helps you too!

Dawn embraces ageing and she teaches us how to accept the fact that we are beautiful no matter what. Between the world of editorials and fashion, and the depth of India with Mother Theresa, Dawn has had a range of perspectives that only a few have.

I discovered Dawn as I was browsing Youtube in my quest of makeup tutorials for mature skins. Her channel on Youtube is fantastic, don’t hesitate to subscribe after you watch the video below. Her channel has by far the best videos on beauty advice with the highlight of this amazing makeup tutorial done with Joseph Boggess. On Dawn’s channel, you will see the video cut in pieces for the eyebrows, the eyes, the lip etc… This is the full version!

Dawn’s blog has a lot of natural skin care products such as Beauty Heroes that she recommends. You can click here to access her blog.

Dawn mentioned Crunchy makeup as a natural organic brand of makeup. You can find them here.

Check her two beautiful books as well!