lemon slice

No one has ever explained in such simple terms what truly happens when one has heart disease, and how to prevent and cure it with nutrition. Thank you Darren Schmidt. Well done!

Heart disease is the result of arteries clogged one way or the other. Cholesterol is often held responsible when in fact cholesterol is trying to help the artery. If you let Vitamin C repair your arteries cholesterol won’t need to rise.



Points to remember from this video:

Vitamin C repairs any cell

Sugar enters the cell the same way vitamin C does

Vitamin C never wins over sugar to enter the cell if both try to enter at the same time

Vitamin C is not Acid Ascorbic. Acid ascorbic is only one layer of the Vitamin C compound.


So before you start taking medication to lower your cholesterol,

reform your diet:

Suppress sugar

Add lime, lemon, Vit C compound to your daily intakeLemon And Lime