bottle of cinnamon essential oil - beauty treatmentMake a blend of the 3 oils with a base oil

Traveling with essential oils user’s manual I am sharing with you a magic blend: the mixture of essential oils you will use for any emergency local massage. You mix two drops of each essential oil (peppermint, lavender spyke and cinnamon) in one teaspoon of base oil .

You can choose to prepare a good quantity of this blend in advance (30 ml) or you can carry with you the three oils and a little bottle filled with your choice of base oil (grapeseed, almond, macadamia, apricot kernel etc…). Useful in any cases, this blend of essential oils can be used as such or enriched with of few extra essential oil drops, depending on the symptoms to address. Simply pour a few drops of the blend in your hands and massage it where needed. The best places are also the feet and the soft part of the forearms, where a lot of veins are present and able to fasten the oil transportation. Here are a few common applications :

  •  In case of respiratory infection , massage the throat, neck , upper back .
  •  In case of lethargy , vigorously rub on each side of the spinal column , just above the waist , to stimulate the adrenal glands .
  •  In case of abdominal pain , stress on the hands and forearms , but also massage the lower back .

lavender oil Also, in case of stomach flu , one or two drops of Cinnamon essential oil can be added to the basic mixture.

 In case of cold and sore throat, simply add a few drops of spike lavender to the mix, but you may also use the power of a few drops undiluted.

 For muscle pain or trauma , add the essential oil of peppermint oil to the mixture to rub it around the painful area. To target the painful area directly , it is best to apply  essential oils diluted in aloe gel , a thick layer without massage ( sprains, fractures) .

 In case of bruises , just drop a few drops of essential peppermint oil where it hurts.

In case of second-degree burn : first cool off the wound under cold water 10 minutes. Then let fall down a few drops of lavender essential oil directly on the burn and if you have, spread on top a nice coat natural aloe gel. Keep the wound in a cool environment. Add on gel and lavender as often as desired against pain. If water is not available , spread the aloe gel as soon as possible on the burn and there dropping drops of lavender (which doesn’t always need to be diluted).Peppermint Essential Oil

Final tips

  • Be careful with Cinnamon essential oil : this very potent oil is also irritant for the skin if non diluted properly.
  • Always have spike lavender essential oil with you on a daily basis, traveling or not. No need to dilute it and it replaces a pharmacy in itself.
  • For motion sickness, smell some peppermint, but the best thing is to grab a pair of acupressure wrist bands : this simple device is the best anti-nausea remedy that I know, either in the boat, plane, bus or car. It is also very useful in early pregnancy to relieve morning sickness (just sleep with it) and during chemotherapy sessions.

Finally, a little warning:

Do not absorb any blend of essential oils or pure essential oils by mouth!