SugarPlease read Eve O. Schaub’s story about her family’s adventure trying to be off sugar for a full year. Besides the article she wrote you can also read her book on this big adventure.

Her experience confirms what so many of us already know:

  • Her children and herself were significantly less sick during that year.
  • Their energy level rose.
  • Their taste changed.

I want to highlight the third point because it shows what kind of addiction sugar can be. It puts asleep our taste buds to make sure we don’t enjoy other types of food. You crave for sweet, and sweeter, and sweeter.

In ANY healing diet, whether it is the Ketogenic diet that starves cancer, or the Candida diet for instance, sugar is prohibited.

To get back to health, sugar must be removed from the diet.

To stay healthy, sugar should be anecdotal.

The biggest problem she highlights is how difficult cutting sugar out is because sugar is one the most common preservative, along with salt.

The good news is that there are tons of fantastic healthy sugars truly enjoyable once your taste buds are awaken!