Healthy green vegetable smoothie with cucumber, celery, avocadoWe know how beneficial to health green smoothies can be. It is the easiest way to ingest a consequent number of greens. Between the vitamins, minerals and fiber you get in one drink it is definitely worth investigating further.

You have a formidable blender such as Vitamix or Blendtec and you are all ready to go. But after a few bitter tastes you are questioning the recipes you have. Most books on green smoothies are pretty advanced in terms of taste. We need to remember though that our taste buds are not necessarily accustomed to new flavors beyond sweetness and saltiness. Yet don’t despair there is a learning curve that should easily take you on the road of a daily green smoothie.

Advice 1

Don’t start with half fruit half greens. Keep the 1/3 fruit ratio. At the beginning it is best to add a bit of sweetener (stevia or xylitol, no real or white sugar). If you use stevia please use the tenth of teaspoon as the sweet taste of stevia is extremely powerful. If you use xylitol that I personally favor, you can use one teaspoon, or maybe a bit more to make sure you drink your smoothie with pleasure.

Advice 2

Choose your greens carefully. Kale has definitely the most fibers, but it is not the easiest taste to get used to. So at the beginning start with 90% of lettuce or baby spinach and add a few leaves of kale or chard. Avoid strongly flavored greens such as mustard green, arugula, dandelion; you can always introduce them a few leaves at a time later on. In fact mustard green is so strong that a few leaves is all that you will use unless you really want hot spice in your mouth.

A good addition is one celery branch that enhances the drink.

You can also add herbs: note that with parsley I would not recommend keeping the hard stems and I would try to keep the leaves and small stems around them only. Similar comment for mint and by the way mint is fantastic in a green smoothie. Clilantro or Coriander is also a great flavorful addition.

Advice 3

Don’t forget a lemon! A quarter of lemon roughly peeled (I just remove the hard edges but leave a bit of yellow peel on) will remove any bitterness from the greens. In addition lemon is a flavor enhancer often overlooked while being a great source of vitamin C.

Advice 4

Add a piece of organic ginger. Ginger is balancing the green drink that has strong cooling properties, the more ginger you add the more the drink brings heat to the body. A small piece will not be overbearing and it will just this extra peps you want in a drink like that.

Advice 5

Choose your fruit ripe. The better the fruit the better the juice. Then distinguish really sweet fruit from the others and avoid combining two really sweet fruit such as banana and mango or pear for instance. Choose berries, kiwis, apples. When you choose apples make sure you will be drinking the drink as soon as it is made because apples thicken the drink considerably after a few minutes. Frozen fruits are a great addition because it freshens the drink while providing the sweet fruit you need. When diversity in fruit is scarcer frozen fruits is a great alternative.

Note that berries are a good way to change the color of the drink and turn it to pink. A fresh beet will also change the color if the green color puts someone of.Blueberry smoothie with berries and mint leaf

If you use melon or watermelon leave the seeds: they are highly beneficial and you won’t notice them in a powerful blender. They both go well with mango or a banana. The only fruit I don’t like to use is orange but that is personal.

Advice 6

A ripe avocado will give no flavor but a dream texture to your smoothie. Considering the benefits of avocado I put half an avocado daily. I also add a small cucumber or half of a large one it gives a watery feel to the smoothie that is appreciated when you start using more kale or fibrous greens.

Advice 7

Add one full tablespoon of coconut oil. It will smoothen the texture and it is an easy way to make sure you eat coconut oil  every day.

Advice 8

Record your trial and error process: write down what you put in your juice and rate each juice. Soon enough you will know what you like and what you don’t. Be prepared for a change in your taste. As you progress you will need less and less sweetener until the day you actually enjoy some bitterness.

Be patient. If you keep the 1/3 fruit 2/3 veggies ratio your drink is really healthy no matter what so allow yourself and your family to enjoy the process. Be creative and try to add any new veggie in small quantities to start with. Don’t hesitate to add more water if you find the drink too thick.

Congratulate yourself because you are on a great path to a healthy journey.

Raw foods taste stronger than anything processed that blends everything into sweet or salty. You are about to discover a bouquet of flavors that are so vibrant that soon you will wonder how you lived without them.