Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD in word collage“The major problem I have with my three children is certainly the lack of focus and attention”

“My 13 years old has huge difficulties to concentrate and hold his attention in class.”

“My son cannot concentrate, learn his lessons, being attentive in class, his is very agitated at home..”

Do you recognize your son or daughter in these sentences? Would you relate to these situations? These are extracts of the numerous letters I receive from parents who ask for my help.

This century is the nest of an attention deficit and hyperactivity epidemic, and unfortunately, very few parents know what to do to find help besides the unavoidable drugs doctors will suggest.

But, real solutions exist. They involve more than simply swallowing a magic pill (which, by the way, doesn’t exist): a family effort toward change, sometimes, a revolution.

A revolution indeed, because what happens to your child’s behavior is a pure product of your environment, direct and indirect. It is a product of what health care, medical care, food industry and society lead you to chose for your life and your children’s.  This is something your grand parents couldn’t have known…

Let me explain.

The recent research on that field led several doctors to start treating kids with autism and ADHA with a new holistic approach aiming to fight inflammation and restoring balance in immune, gastrointestinal and nervous systems. And that works….

Here is what you need to know:

At the origin of ADHD are a number of factors such as

  • Exposition to toxins (environment, foods, drugs and especially vaccines)
  • A limited capacity to detoxify (saturated neurotransmitters and nutritional deficit)
  • Genetic predispositions (which increases the vulnerability to toxicity)
  • And a permanent state of general inflammation impairing the proper functioning of immunity, digestive system and nervous system.

The same factors apply to children with asthma and allergies by the way. And they don’t necessary have behavioral issues…

Which should lead you to my next statement:

Intestines Sketch With WordsADHA is not a disease,

 this is what happens to children who suffer from complex metabolic imbalances, the same asthmatic and allergic children have.

Yes, there are common factors to asthma, allergies and ADHD, so, solutions are common as well:  it all boils down to restoring immunity, which means restoring digestive integrity.

Yes, digestive integrity…it sounds simple, but you have to know that all these children suffer from the new American epidemic : chronic candidosis (intestinal dysbiosis).

Most of the time, these children inherit this type of infection from their mother during gestation, and are even more predisposed to immunity weaknesses when they are born from Cesarian birth.

Vaginal birth allows the mother to transmit her flora to her baby, an immunity gift that has to be completed with a few months of breastfeeding to really optimize the baby’s chances to live a disease free life.

You might not know what Intestinal dysbiosis is. This is a direct by product of food sensitivities, leading to nutritional deficiencies, themselves source of immunity weakness and impaired neurotransmitters activity in a toxic and inflamed body.

Why are children more and more subject to food sensitivities and allergies? Simply because building a strong immunity is not the priority in the way conventional medicine sees your children’s health. The focus has been to sanitize instead of building the inner strength to fight only the bad guys in our bacterial environment…

At my time, when I had my first baby, I never heard of any food restrictions. I ate sushi and raw veggies, I had glasses of red wine and raw milk cheeses during the whole pregnancy. When my baby was born, I breastfed her and never sanitized or sterilized anything. I just made sure I was giving her the cleanest, simple foods possible.

Today, more and more health care professionals understand that being too clean prevents children from being exposed to enough germs. Their immune systems become unable to tell the difference between a dangerous bacteria and a harmless protein.

We could also consider how our food supply is corrupted…but this would be an other subject.

All of this might sound completely overwhelming and confusing to you, or simply eye opening! I hope so though…

The most important for you to know is that sound natural approaches exist.

Follow with practical advices in my next post: what works for ADD, ADHD food allergies and eczema.