cecile-150x150It is such pleasure for me to add Cecile’s expertise to this blog.

Cecile is aromatherapist, she is also an amazing cook and a food lover.

In addition Cecile is trained in various energy healing techniques such as EFT, Yuen method. Her goal is to make you and your loved ones feel better as soon as possible.

And she is well aware that food can heal. She conceived a fantastic program to get rid of candida overgrowth ( yeast infection), and she wrote it with children in mind knowing that most of them are badly addicted to sugar.  The consequences of candida overgrowth are so broad that it is difficult to give a definite list of symptoms triggered only by the candida. If you have read my book you know what close to miraculous changes the candida diet resulted in my health.

Cecile wrote many books in French and for now only Anti-fungal program is available in English. Her website www.ClubEquilibreNaturel.com is full of information ….in French mostly.

Cecile will write here in English, addressing specific topics that will matter for you and your loved ones.

Between essential oils, food and energy medicine you will be amazed by how many health issues you can solve from the comfort of your home.

You will love her direct style and pragmatic approach. If you need more customized advice, book a consultation online with her: you will be blown away by her knowledge and her dedication.

Last but not least Cecile is also a wife and a mother of two, so she has a good understanding of the constraints you might have in your household when it comes to diet changes.

Here is a more official biography:

Cécile Ellert was born and raised in France were she lived until she moved to the States twenty years ago. Life took her to HongKong China were she discovered Chinese medicine, Aromatherapy and later, psychosomatic psychology. This was the beginning of her interest in all the techniques involving quantum energetic, balancing, touch therapy and self help, leading her to realize how much we need to avoid drugs to stay healthy.

After graduating in 2005 from Asia Pacific Aromatherapy school in HongKong, holding the Asia Pacific Holistic Aromatherapy Diploma, she worked in various holistic clinics in HongKong and later, in California. In the meantime, she started to educate the public via her blog,“ClubEquilibreNaturel.com” on physical and emotional balance. To do further on her counseling work, she then completed her aromatherapy education with a Master in Counseling Psychology.

Cécile wrote various books in French : “l’Equilibre anti-candida” a best seller aromatic anti-candida program, “ L’Essentiel de l’Equilibre”, a compilation of the tools she uses to practice holistic aromatherapy, “140 recettes aromatiques anti-candida” a compilation of aromatic progressive anti-candida recipes, “ Comment traiter vos douleurs émotionnelles sans medicaments”a little life saving user guide to avoid using psychotropic drugs. And she wrote in English, “Anti-fungal balance”English translation of the anti-candida program. Today she works mainly with ladies and children having metabolic and emotional issues, and she is specialized in internal and emotional detoxification.product_thumbnail.php