Summer time is the opportunity to be more outside, to enjoy family time, to enjoy the holiday feel.

Reality though is this: the only ones truly on holiday are the children.

The rest of us have more work. Moms in particular have to be the entertainers for these children who can’t find other activities for themselves than screen time. For those who can afford them, there are the numerous, sophisticated and professional summer camps that give a true break to the mother,…and the father.

If you are lucky enough to be able to afford a summer camp: please take that time to schedule romantic gatherings with your life partner. You may be tired, you may want to choose that child free week to paint your garage door. whatever it is, please remember to focus on your relationship with your partner. The more time and energy you will dedicate to your couple, the easier life will be when the kids return.

If summer camps are not on the schedule, remember that this fun barbecue with ten people, this amazing soccer tournament that will suck up your week-end, are additional opportunities to dilute your energy and bring you on your knees by the end of the summer.

Here again, saying no sometimes might be the best decision.