Meridian ClockWe all know how being sick can affect our life and our relationship in the process. Sickness however does not occur overnight: it gradually sets in until no one can ignore it.

Today I would like to draw your attention on these little health issues that most conventional doctors would overlook because your blood test would not reveal anything major.

Noticing our energy level throughout the day is a first step in raising our awareness and take action swiftly.

A drop in our energy has a huge impact in our ability to listen, understand, and be present. For children we call that being tired, but as most adults are chronically tired we simply disregard the feeling until we call it chronic fatigue syndrome.

Addressing the drop of energy when it occurs at the same time every day should be a priority. Our partner does not deserve to pay the price for our discomfort. The loving action here is to heal in order to relieve the burden we can be for the person who shares our life.  Compassion is a critical component of love but let’s not forget that we are responsible for who we are.

What a conventional doctor might miss because he has not been trained to understand the biological clock of the body, will be diagnosed and addressed by a doctor who understands the fundamental of Chinese medicine. Acupuncture, Iridology, and all doctors who use Chinese herbs will be able to help you.

The point is for you to notice when your energy level is not enough to support you, and find your own way to solve the problem.

You deserve to be your happy self, and you will give a great boost to your relationship as well.