Spring PrunusAs I walked this morning with my dog on the same path I have been walking for the past three years, I thought of the incredible value of details. A different bird, an odorant flower could make my walk an outstanding experience simply because I noticed.

Each time I go for my walk I never fail to leave any expectations at home. I am eager to see what I will notice: all my senses are awaken, waiting for the detail that will make things different. As a result I never get tired of this walk even if I do it twice a day most of the time.

We so often take for granted what surrounds us, being things or people. Our attention goes elsewhere where we think some excitement will be. What is familiar then becomes boring because we are so convinced we know it all that we fail to stay curious.

We therefore fail to notice the unexpected details that make all the difference.

It is dangerous in every relationship. In a long-term relationship, this is particularly true. Habits combined to expectations suffocate the relationship. Expectations are the servants of our beliefs, and we should be wary of them when it comes to our partner in life. Beliefs are static, so they are bound to be wrong at one point or the other.

Noticing the details is accepting to be surprised. It is respecting and enjoying something different. It is being present to what is going on with no agenda in mind.


We would gain a lot by observing more while fighting against our expectations. For the other, it opens the door for a possible change big or small. And when the time is right things change naturally.