Pink roses blossomedThe road to health and happiness is an internal journey. The other is merely a reflector of part of us that we like or we don’t like. And usually we react, often deluding our selves with some judgement towards the other.

True love starts with the acceptance of who we are regardless of what should be. Similarly true love in a relationship comes when we accept the other for this precious person who gets this insider view of our true persona.

From what we learn in listening to the other we have the opportunity to grow and become better selves. More importantly we are the opportunity for the other to grow if we are able to point things out in a loving way.

It is not always easy. In fact it is rarely natural. It takes work, questioning, and courage. It takes courage to admit that we were wrong. It takes courage to meaningfully apologize. It takes courage to simply love the other without judgment.

A beautiful loving lasting relationship is not for the weak. It is for those who deeply want to become better people.