So often we overlook the importance of laughing. It relaxes us and it immediately brings a different perspective.

Even if she complains and then laughs, Gentlemen, you have made a great point. A good laugh is the best remedy to boredom, and that is particularly true in a relationship.

Usually when a wife ceases to be sensitive to her husband’s humor, it is not a good sign. It means that something is broken. It is far more important then to find a way to make her laugh again, than bring a flower or a diamond. Shared laughter builds a connection that shields the relationship from conflict and miscommunication. It is a powerful tool to lighten up anyone’s mood.

For all the benefits of laughter for mind and body check this article. You will think twice to postpone a good laugh.

Most importantly it is the best way for her to see her partner with romantic loving eyes, even after a couple decades together.

Making her laugh is not being goofy all the time though. The latter is rather childish, and a woman in a long-term relationship does not need her mother side to be triggered again. She will thrive on the lightness and the simplicity of a good laugh: it will switch her mood and mindset for the benefit of everybody in the family.

Make her laugh and she will be closer to you.