Majestic treeWhat does it mean to think that the world is simply perfect when obviously it does not seem to be.

It is a mind set more than anything else. It is the acute knowledge that we don’t know it all. It is the ultimate understanding that in the huge kitchen that is the universe something is cooking, beyond us, with or without our participation.

It does not take long then to question how relevant we are at an individual level. The world being perfect, each and one of us is relevant to someone, to several others. There is meaning in every life if we decide to see it. The media gives a false understanding of what meaningful can be.

Of course, Mother Theresa, Father Greg Boyle, and Krista Tippett to some extent all have meaningful lives, if we grasp the concept as useful and enlightening for others.

Thomas Edison,  Fred W. Wolf and Nathaniel B Wales who invented the first domestic refrigerator, and all other major inventors that improved our daily lives, also had meaningful lives.

Take the time to google the history of refrigerators, and frigidaire in particular, you will be amazed to see that the very first refrigeration process was found in the 11th century. It took centuries and the work of many people more or less known before the first Frigidaire could be sold.

All the unknown people who worked through time on the refrigeration process had a meaningful life, if we take the outcome years and centuries after they died.

Fame and the image of success reflected by the media today deplete the meaning of our daily lives where the perfection of the world is.  Every minute can be perfect if we accept to let go unrealistic expectations of what life should be. As we grow we have the opportunity to understand that pleasant, or unpleasant events happen for a reason.

When the world is perfect, the enemy is within, never outside of us: the enemy is our own projection of what we want the other one to be. Accepting the perfection of the world is the first step to meaningfulness because we start working on our own fears and limitations surrendering  to what must be.

Many relationships would improve greatly if the two people involved understood that their relationship is the best way to access themselves and grow.

If each of us understood the scope of our daily interactions with our spouse, with our children, our focus would necessarily shift to what truly matters.

Meaningfulness to John Kabat Zinn is the ability to be in our life instead of running to our death. Bless the one who shares your life, she or he is your best opportunity to become a better you.