Adjustments to be made when she starts working

Natalie from San Francisco starts a new job in a few days. She is a bit worried about the household organization once she starts. She wonders if there is anything specific she should do to make things smooth.

First you need to drop two things:

  • Guilt: I keep repeating that it is the most useless feeling alas deeply rooted in Christian beliefs, and used extensively by any dominating powers of all sorts to manipulate other human beings. It has been at the base of educational systems that placed such an emphasis on achievement that failure was necessarily accompanied by guilt. It has also been a widely used tool by men and women to keep women under control.

Please check this post and video if you are not yet convinced that it is useless.

  • Control freak: Things are not going to be done exactly the way you would do them, and you might have to select what truly deserves your attention and what does not. Understanding how others can help and letting them help is the key to achieve more.


9 things to do before you start your new job:


  1. Write down a list of what truly matters to you at home: it could be tidiness, kids’ homework, meals. What ever it is, please be specific because it will guide your organization.
  2. Check what kind of help you can get from the members of your household and your family.
  3. Write down a list of tasks to be done at home: from grocery to clean up and afterschool activities
  4. Prioritize according to your list in point 1
  5. Look at the weekly schedule and plan the task leaving room for the unexpected every day. What that is that when you think two tasks can be done then, just make room for one task.
  6. Make sure you get help: have a family meeting in order to define who can do what.
  7. Write on a board that you will pin in the kitchen or family room, schedule, tasks and assignees.
  8. Make sure you keep one day free of every duty.
  9. Review grocery shopping and plan your meals for the week, using the freezer as much as possible in order to make things easy for you. Check this post that gives idea to plan healthy meals.

At first you may feel you have entered the army, but give it a few weeks and it will be your routine. The day off a week is key to keep your sanity. Check here to understand why I believe a day off is so crucial.

Remember that the fact you work is a fantastic opportunity for your family as a whole:

  • Your salary will bring a breathing space financially.
  • Your self-confidence will be boosted by this new responsibility. As a result, your relationship will be more respectful.
  • Children will learn to be more independent, and they will also learnt to respect their mother as a person.
  • Last but not least, you are a great role model for your children to motivate them to study and achieve something.

So, well done! Well done! Well done! Transition to your new life might not always be easy, but it is well worth the road.

To make sure you reach your full potential in your career, have a look at this book that is truly enlightening. For the audio version click here