Coconut Image

Coconut Image

The benefits of coconut oil

If there is one thing you need to add to your diet, it is coconut oil. As you will see below coconut oil is used internally and externally: except for my pupils, I could use coconut oil EVERYWHERE on my body.

Here, I want to share with you how I use coconut oil. Please know that I have a small container with coconut oil in each bathroom in addition to my kitchen.

Which coconut oil?

I found online a very good organic coconut oil at a very good price in bulk. The best deals are definitely online.

Bulk by 1 gallon or 5 gallons is the best idea if you plan to use it as extensively as I do.


Of course this is the only cooking oil I use, keeping olive oil for salads, and dressing.

It is also delicious spread on a slice of bread with raw honey on top. For those who don’t know much about coconut oil, at room temperature, the oil is actually a paste. It becomes liquid above 75 F or 25 C.

I use it in my green smoothies: it gives an unctuous consistency and a subtle taste.

When spread on poultry that you will roast, it gives a fantastic flavor and it stops the meat from drying. Check this video to see how to bake a delicious tender turkey with coconut oil.

When you know harmful butter and other oils are when heated at high temperature, coconut oil is the only safe choice.

Healing purpose

Fantastic oil for massage

It is antibacterial and anti fungus, so I use it to heal small wounds. You know these annoying and painful small wounds on your fingers that usually take ages to heal. It is also great for knee wounds, because the wound heals without drying.

It stopped herpes outbreaks within two days when applied three times a day.

My son had a dry scalp: massaging coconut oil in the evening and living it overnight solved the problem.

Efficient for lice too: simply massage all the hair with coconut oil, place a shower cap on the head over night, lice and eggs will fall off with the lice comb the next morning. Quick tip to avoid lice in the future: spread two drops of rosemary essential oils on your child’s hair.

I love coconut oil for any skin condition: from dryness to rash or scratch. It penetrates almost immediately and does not leave a greasy feeling.


You can read loads and loads of information about what coconut oil can do for you. You can read the FAQ of Tropical Traditions to get precise information about all types of coconut oil. One of the most interesting research currently done is how coconut oil affects the brain: it seems that coconut ketones could stop the progression of Alzheimer disease. To read more about that, this article written by Bruce Fife, ND,  is really good.

You understand now why I think that coconut oil is a must have.