When the female partner in the relationship travels, the dynamic differs.

We have seen last week what happens when the male partner travels and how to deal with that.

Today I would like to draw your attention on the fact that a woman never completely disconnects from her family while she is away. Yet, her energy when she returns does not match her partner’s.

She has been in a yang energy during all her trip, and she is craving consciously or not for a more female energy: yin energy translates differently in each woman. But the idea is this: she needs quiet time, a good shower or a good bath, and deep conversation where she unloads the emotions wrapped up during the trip. Basically she needs to let go in a very feminine way.

On the other hand, he can’t wait for her to take over because taking care of everything while she was away is stressful for him.

The tension required to stay in a yang energy for a period of time does not go unnoticed on her body. She is particularly tired and she needs rest. The problem is that she might not be aware of it.

You, the male partner, must be aware of it, because you don’t want her to fall sick or develop a chronic disease that will hinder your relationship in the long run. And there is so much the body can take: many working women play strong because showing their vulnerability is still perceived as weakness. The truth is that a business trip is not light on the female body.

The biggest challenge when she travels is her awareness about what she needs. Most women today ignore what they need on a daily basis in order to comply to self imposed rules of excellence.

Men can’t be blamed for this lack of awareness, and the guessing game is not their cup of tea.

If the man in the relationship has handled his job, the kids, and domestic duties all on his own. He deserves a really good break to. Watching TV, surfing on the internet or exercising might juts do the trick for him. Men have this extraordinary ability to switch from one thing to another with no second thoughts in the process. Women unfortunately don’t: so resting for her when she returns might increase the guilt feeling she came back loaded with.

Again, prepare well the few hours before and when she returns:

  • If you have been loose on home cleaning, it might be a good idea to have a housekeeper come for a couple hours to clean up.
  • Have the children taken care off too by family or friends so she returns to a quiet home
  • Help her unwind: encourage her to shower, take a bath, and offer her a drink. While she relaxes you have time off too.

A few hours later when she has landed back into herself, you can resume normal life, go get the children and enjoy a family meal.

It is very important to learn to slow the rhythm before the body forces you to do so. Preparing her return will take you far. See it as an investment for your family life.

Hope this helps!