Nobody can deny that technology is changing the manufacturing industry. You just need to look at the numbers of employees in the car industry for example to see that these numbers have dropped consistently for the past fifty years.

More high skilled jobs are needed, that is also true.

However, humans will stay humans with very prosaic and basic needs. We will still need to eat, sleep, urinate, etc… Most of these basics needs inherent to life will never be fulfilled with an app.

You can order your food online but you still need someone to process your order and deliver the goods to your door. An app will not solve your problem when you have a leak in your house. An app will not clean your garden, or rebuild a road.

What people tend to forget with the internet, is that behind this virtual world, there are people, real people, and lots of them! Besides, our modern life creates enough pollution to give jobs to many people in the future!

E-commerce sites do not only need high-skilled people. Many jobs linked to technology depend on people without sophisticated skills.

The fact that this is still work in progress, that we don’t have yet a good understanding of the work perspective in the next twenty years does not mean that there is no future for those who are not computer savvy, PHD holders etc…

Human kind is extremely resilient. We are social and sensual by nature. A chat on Facebook will never replace human gatherings in fulfilling human emotional needs to connect with one another.

Prices are not and will not be the only factor that governs our consumer’s behavior. Take food as an example, many people are willing to pay much more for organic food that they believe will foster health.

In fact more and more people are looking for quality and durability. Germany is a good example that shows that quality products have a great market share today. Many German firms have refused to manufacture their products elsewhere to lower their costs; it was a risky bet that definitely paid off.

Our economy is transitioning to something new, like it has done many times. Adjustments, sometimes painful, were required each time. We always made it though!

There is no reason why this time will be different.