Women’s conversations have been despised as superficial because they rarely revolve around politics, career, and sports, favorite male subjects.


What is misunderstood is that women’s conversations follow a decreasing spiral: rarely women go straight to the point. They slowly put in place the setting for them to share what is important. They disclose their feelings until the solution of their problem sprouts in their head. Her friends might suggest this and that, ultimately though each woman does what she truly feels right. Whatever has been suggested is not lost however, because it helped the receiver of these suggestions feel appreciated and loved.


Few men understand and cope with this process. Men have a radically different way of communicating and connecting.

The fact that women connect with each other less and less is detrimental to any relationship with a man, because the woman transfers then her need to talk things through on to her male partner. He does not understand it, he is not equipped to deal with that, and he does not want to share his problems. This misunderstanding leads to a build up of frustrations on both sides.


We all know how everything in life is about timing. Not all is good all the time. Sharing with your partner is not good all the time either. Confusion is the last trend in all relationships: parents are friends of their kids, men and women expect each other to be their buddy as well as their sex partner. And just like one size fits all, it fits no one really well.


Shrinks of all kinds will never replace the bonding two women can create. We all face many challenges; we all have very low moments when we wonder how we will cope with the next day. We all have less then perfect children that push our buttons regularly. It is ok. It is life. No one does better than you. Even those who have no children have other issues. Those who pretend differently are simply in denial. So share some time, some conversations, and be kind enough to listen to your chosen friends’ concerns and happy moments. It will help them and it will help you.


Even if all problems have a solution within ourselves, it sometimes takes to look elsewhere to find the way to it.


Enjoy your time with your girlfriends. Find the ones who deserve your trust and get together!