Besides time constraints, what stops women to get together on a regular basis? Lack of trust. Especially here in America, having a deep strong relationship with a woman is a challenging task. Fear of judgment, fear of competition are at the root of the unconscious reluctance to share your life with a few other female friends.

Once again, this comes from a male perspective.

When the only way to progress and be acknowledged is to seduce a man who will not only protect but also give you a social status, any other woman is a potential competitor. Anything positive about you, whether it is beauty, intelligence or kindness, is a threat for you to be eventually rejected.

Harems fostered this female competition that only benefited the man. Harems have never existed in the Western world but male dominance has. And patriarchal society is still ruling today.

It would be interesting to see what women interaction is in China when females are so outnumbered by males since the only child policy.  Even if China is a strong patriarchal society, the numbers must change women’s confidence to find the right partner. Choice is on their side.


Women for centuries have had one obsession: securing their future with a suitable marriage. Even worse, until recently, all they could do was seducing the man they wanted, hoping that he would ask her in return to be his wife.

You might think that this is really far away from today’s reality but nothing is further from the truth. Psychologically, subconsciously, men and women still have this pattern playing as an underlying rule. Although this pattern does not play very well anymore, strongly challenged by the increasing autonomy women have, it still exists.


Girlfriends are the foundation of a balanced woman. Only a woman can fully understand the subtlety and complexity of female behavior. We all have different lives. However we, women, all obey to the same physiological rules that are deeply connected with the Universe.  It is critical that we reconnect regularly with this pure female being that we all share.


Many would laugh thinking that women chattering could do that. Well it does, when the mask of appearance falls of.

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