This is an update to this post written in 2012.

The new TM5 is now sold in the US! 

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Well the new TM5 released last year in Europe is even better than TM31. It guides you step by step, it can be connected to the internet, and the recipes can be uploaded through magnetic chip. It is impossible to find another appliance that requires so little cooking knowledge to deliver outstanding recipes! Another great upgrade the bowl capacity is slightly increased.

Check the look!



Ok, I know this sounds like a commercial, but it is such a lifesaver tool for any woman!

It is hard to believe that this amazing appliance is not sold in the US because the scale is in grams and the heating system is in Celsius. Voltage has nothing to do with Vorverk’s decision not to sell it here. Canada and Mexico run on 110 v too with the same plugs, and it works perfectly well there. In fact, it works here too if you can buy one either from Canada or from Mexico and have it ship in the US.

It is an expensive appliance, but it replaces so many others, and the quality of material is so long lasting that you will not regret the investment.

If you are like me: love eating good food, rarely enjoy cooking.This is the tool that makes you love cooking again.

thermomixWith this, you never get to miss anything. Follow any recipe you like in one of their hundred recipe books, or better, check on their website, you can enter what you have in your fridge and it suggests you what to make.

More importantly, you can go deal with something else while it cooks.

In my family we eat huge amounts of crudités of all kind. Making grated carrots ready to eat is literally a 5 minutes process including peeling the carrots.

The soups made in this thing are just incredible. And you eat super healthy too!

It weighs, it chops, it steams, it slow cooks, it grinds, it times and it blends with one base container and a unique knife. One side of the knife chops a large onion in 3 seconds, and the other side will gently toss the chopped onion while cooking…

And it is a breeze to clean. It’s dishwasher safe but only a rinse is enough in most cases.

You make spaghetti in this perfectly cooked with NO draining process. The exact amount of water is totally absorbed by the pasta!

It is an investment, I know. But what investment!

Guys, you will never regret this: you, yourself will enjoy using it! And your wife will be so much more relaxed at the end of the day. Knowing that she can always make an incredible soup within 25mn with no supervision with the few vegetables she has left, will simply change her life.

Once you find out it works, it is so safe and simple that my six year old can make crepes all by himself.

It is the job of the most powerful blenders on the market: Vitamix Pro and Blendtec AND IT DOES MUCH MORE!

In addition, the stainless steel used for the bowl is such a good quality that you can use it extensively without worrying about replacement or leakage while cooking.

If you are busy, and who isn’t, this tool will simply change your life. I don’t make any money in saying so.

Believe me, financially it would make much more sense to promote the following:

Vitamix or Blendtec,

and Cuisinart slow cooker
, and a scale
, and a steamer
, and a mixer

and a pasta cooker,


TM31 can do the job of all the above plus you can make incredible sauces, and create a full meal with a soup, steam fish with vegetables and a delicious sauce to go on top, with rice in 25 min without supervision. You can also make a dough in less than five minutes that you use immediately for a tart salty or sweet.

Isn’t that the dream of any mom who has to bath her children or help them with their homework?