Both men and women will benefit from this post. Please listen closely.

One of the major problems long distance relationships have is a vanishing sex life. Women and their breasts is a leading cause. Let me tell you why.

All women have a very complex relationship with their breasts. A vast majority is unhappy about them from a purely esthetic perspective.

What is less known is the suffering a woman endures because of these constantly changing glands.

Two factors make breasts a sensitive subject for most if not all women:

Physical sensation

Psychological perception

Men primarily view female breasts as an enticing object for their sexual pleasure. Very often women meet them at this level, feeling great pleasure when this area of their body is gently and lovingly stimulated.

What men tend to ignore though is that breasts in the female body is a multifunctional organ that is primarily meant to feed a baby.

While a baby sucking milk is definitely a major stimulation, it has nothing to do with the love games involving breast stimulation. I will only speak for me but let me tell you that I have never felt any arousal while breastfeeding my three kids. The mind then, is fully on the mothering mode.

So stimulation cannot be the only factor to place a woman on a sexual intercourse mode.

The mind is what matters. According to the mode she is switched on, whether it is sexy or mothering, a woman will be receptive to your touch gentle men.

No woman can easily switch from the mothering mode to the sexual mode, because once the mothering mode has kicked in, the sexual mode is accessory.

Not for you guys, I know.

It is critical to understand this dual aspect of a woman’s mind around their breasts because it is the only way for you, gentlemen, to be appropriate and to feel successful in your sexual approach with your female partner.