Please watch this TedX talk video, it is informative and the living proof that what we eat matters. Dr.Wahls’ testimony that a proper diet can even cure MLS!

The road walked by Dr. Wahls is a hard one, and I wish and hope that awareness will raise without having to walk such a hard road. I am grateful for the fact that witnessing both my parents battling and losing one with cancer, the other with Lou Gherig’s disease, raised my own awareness.

I showed that video to my three children knowing that they would not understand all. This was an opportunity for me to remind them two things:


We all are in control of our health.

We always have a choice.


I then stated that my role is to show them and teach them what is good for them, so they know what is fuel and what is not. Ultimately though, and that is already the case for my 13 year-old, it will be their decision.

We, as human beings, have this amazing ability to forget. It is a blessing in many ways. The drawback though is that it limits the valuable lessons experience brings.

We are physical beings as much as spiritual beings. Being physically healthy is the base for a healthy mind.

You may wonder what this has to do with a relationship. Well it has everything to do with it. A healthy relationship stems from two healthy persons willing to love.

When she has PMS and jumps on her partner at the first opportunity, don’t you think it affects her relationship?

When he is so stressed that he is unable to talk to her and can only be a coach potato in front of TV, don’t you think it affects their relationship?

When he is overweight and has all sorts of aches and pains that he complains about, does that foster romance?

When her fibrocystic breast is so painful that no sexual interaction can even be conceived, what does that do to their relationship?

I could go on… Health is the ground for EVERYTHING.

Nobody else but you can really ensure that you are healthy. When you know what to do and you don’t do it, well sorry but there is no excuse.

Should you stick to Dr. Wahls diet? Maybe not all the time, if you are not unwell. Whenever you feel low, you know what to do. Teach your children too so they can make an informed choice in due time.

If the simple idea of cutting your sweets out is painful, you had better check for a detoxification in the near future as most likely you have a severe yeast infection.

The easiest start is to have a green smoothie every single day.

Health is vitality, willingness to be and do. Disease is the opposite.