• All parents consciously or not use their children as the ultimate tool against each other.
  • All kids learn very quickly how to arbitrate the situation by leveraging competition and guilt between both parents.
  • All parents at some point are so overwhelmed with fighting with each other that they forget about their children’s best interest.
  • It is a miracle when children don’t take slipping roads and excessive risks to feel alive and loved.
  • All parents going through divorce forget two facts: once they were in love, and the simple fact that they share parenthood deserves mutual respect.
  • All parents overlook the fact that their behavior will shape forever their relationship with their kids.
  • All parents ignore the fact that they will expose themselves to their kids’ anger one day or the other, even if it is unfair, even if it is based on lies. When they are old enough to really see the reality as it was, it will be too late to catch up.
  • In terms of role model, this is not the best either. Kids will carry on a belief system around relationships that will take a lot of personal work to overcome. Trust and respect will not be spontaneous.
  • Never think you are doing them a favor to divorce. In the best case scenario, you are repairing your own huge mistake. And if your kids are safer with your partner closely monitored in their life, what a poor decision maker you have been.
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