Please listen to this show “Teenage Diabetes Rates Soar” On Point from NPR radio station that confirms once more that the SAD (Standard American Diet) diet has to change.

When I heard Dr Robin Goland professor of Clinical Medicine and Pediatrics at Columbia University say that her advice was “eat less, exercise more”, I felt compelled to write a post on that subject.

For those who don’t have time to listen to Tom Ashbrook, On Point host, here are the numbers truly alarming in Teenage Diabetes:

In less than ten years, the numbers testing positive for diabetes or pre diabetes jumped from 9% to 23% of American Teens.

Please also know that type 2 diabetes is normally an adult disease that newly affects children.

The numbers tend to show that 1 in 3 American will be affected by diabetes if nothing is done to stop this epidemic.

On that show all three doctors invited blamed genes and lifestyle and a corrupted, predator marketing towards children. They also mentioned how science does not know why in one overweight family some members are diagnosed with diabetes and others are not.

I am so tired to hear the gene alibi over and over. First how come if you go back two to three generations ahead of us, obesity is close to none, diabetes numbers drop significantly? Why the genes did not play then?

Stop hiding behind your genes and act.

Wherever I look I see overweight people. Wherever I look I see kids either slightly overweight or heavily overweight by the age of 10.

As confirmed in this show, if a person loses weight that person has over 60% chances to get rid of any diabetes.

So where is the problem? Weight before lifestyle.

Dr Goland suggests to eat less.

If you keep eating the junk food you feed yourself and your kids with everyday, reducing the quantity will simply increase the cravings. You will feel that your life is a struggle and a battle that you will surely lose in the long run.

When you eat anything processed, your body is deprived of essential nutrients, and is desperately looking for the nourishing food it needs.

So the key is not Eat Less but Eat Better. When you do, you will spontaneously eat less.

When the cravings stop, a new life emerges: you then have the energy to move and exercise.

Junk food makes anybody sluggish. The problem is that it is such an overwhelming trend that most people have no clue about feeling in vibrant health.

I remember helping my kids notice how they felt when they came back from a birthday party loaded with sugar and fries, and pizzas. They were not only tired but also grumpy. By contrast I helped them notice their energy level after a healthy meal, how hunger would not come before three to four hours.

There is of course something to do with the portions here in the US. However, the reality is that if you eat a green salad mixed with colored raw vegetables and seeds and nuts with a simple vinaigrette made of olive oil and apple cider vinegar, you will feel full very quickly, and for a long time.

The true problem lies in the fact that most people have lost their ability to appreciate anything that is not overly sweet or salty. Taste buds go dormant when they are overwhelmed over and over with tasteless food.

I wrote a post on how green juicing can actually change your cravings without you even noticing. After four months of daily green smoothies, I can confirm that this happens even with the children. We baked a chocolate cake that my kids and husband usually adore, and nobody except my little one felt like eating it. None of my children, except for my little one who is still tempted, want to eat any cake that is found in a store. They find them all too sweet.

Consider that your taste buds need to be educated for you to enjoy proper food again. And very often the nose is not clear enough to truly feel the taste of anything. Smell and taste are closely interlinked.

The pleasure of eating is one of the most important available to anyone.

Being French, food is very important. And my family seats around a table every evening for dinner while we share our day. It is more than eating, it is a way of communicating.

French people’s particular tendency is that they love talking about food while they eat. As a result, we enjoy a wide variety of food and we never eat the same meal twice in a week. After living in Asia for so many years, I learnt that this is a specific trait: we can’t eat the same food every day. This is where seasonal food can help. We learn to eat what is seasonal; usually it is also local (being in California!) and cheaper because in abundance.

They are plenty of resources out there to give you ideas of recipes you can make. Many are not necessarily difficult or long to make and it can be fun. Please check this post “Ideas from Colleen Huber to eat healthy with a busy schedule” for practical ideas to easily add homemade cooking to your busy schedule.

Everybody can change his diet. And believe me, it is easier to start the change before you have to do so. So much is at stake: mental clarity, sleep, libido, and energy level. Practically every part of your life is improved when you eat healthy.

Let’s pause on healthy.

Healthy is not the low fat this or that or sugar free this or that. Take milk for instance, full fat raw milk is the healthiest milk one can drink. Why? Unlike pasteurized milk, raw milk is not deprived of essential enzymes and beneficial bacteria that break down the fat in the milk and ease our digestion.

Organic pastures here in California is unjustly discredited even if each time an expertise confirms that the E Coli in November and the campylobacter in May did not come from the dairy products from Organic Pastures.

These brave farmers who defy the food industry need your support.

What you must understand is that the food industry does not care about your health; it only cares about profit, as any business should. You, and only you, can make the decision to be responsible for your health, and therefore force the food industry to change. This is called consumer power: if you buy less of this and more of that, the industry will adjust to give you more of what you buy most.

See how many organic products are available today compare to ten years ago?

There are many things out there. And you may be tired of confusing messages you get, sometimes invalidated by your doctor. Remember though that today most doctors are disease experts, not health experts. Nutrition is still overlooked in medical schools. And patients they see are way too ill for them to focus on their diet first.

Nutrition is your responsibility. Until it becomes a mandatory subject at school as part of the general education all human beings should have in this globalized world where one can eat food produced 10000 miles away, it is your responsibility to teach your children what food is fuel for the body and what food is not.

Their future is at stake.

What kind of job opportunities do you have when you are overweight, crippled with aches and pain, and not enough energy to cope with the day?

When I see 12 or 14 year olds unable to do any sports because of poor health, it frightens me. Think back one second on how athletic and healthy you were at that age. This is not fatality. Something went wrong and we have to fix it.

We all have to protect our children from jeopardizing their lives with an intoxicating diet.

Remember the plane lesson: put the oxygen mask on yourself first before you put it on your child.

Similarly, change your own diet first.