Too often callings are being dismissed just because they are not in line with other’s expectations.

Callings can’t be in line with anyone’s expectations for one good reason: they have a purpose in the future. So most callings will not find much support and very often they will be fought against.

Take J.K. Rowling who had to send her manuscript to so many editors before one would consider publishing Harry Potter. Or Henry Ford with his V8 engine was perceived as a joke until he did it. Or more recently Steve Jobs is a striking example too.

Callings are not the latest desires that will fade over time. They are more like these brewing recurrent thoughts that don’t leave you.

The particularity of a calling is that you don’t even know where it will lead you, but you keep moving because that feels right.

Men have always been encouraged to be adventurous and try things out, while women were bred to be docile and conventional. Inevitably women are less likely to follow their calling than men because tons of reasons come their way to stop them.

So ladies, you must follow your calling and put your fear of failure aside.

Let’s pause one moment on fear of failure that is usually linked to fear of rejection. These fears can literally paralyze anybody.

Failure is the most efficient learning process given to human kind. There are plenty to learn from a failure. And if you manage to successfully quiet your little ego that is panicking, you will grow from that experience.

After a failure, the question is always should I quit or not?

First, no project is brought to life without bumps and holes where it looks like the project might be just dead. Perseverance, motivated by a huge drive is usually what brings the project to life successfully.

That does not mean necessarily that quitting is a coward move. All projects big or small require a lot of energy day after day. Your project has to resonate with you; if it does not, then it is better to quit. Whatever you did is experience that will prove useful in the future when you expect it least. There is no such thing as wasting time, because callings come at the right time in your life always.

On the other hand if you still find inside you something that pushes you to stay and fight, by all means follow that voice. Even if it does not make sense to others, even if it does not really make sense to you, stay with your project. It will eventually make sense.

All media are blurring us with success stories without sharing the path that has led to success. That path is never a smooth ride: risks are taken, doubts are lingering, blockages have to be overcome, and decisions have to be made with limited awareness of the consequences. Of course all these bumps and blocks are glamorous and romantic once success is there.

But until then, ….it is not an easy road. And you will find well-intentioned people who will warn you by stating the millions of reasons why your project will never meet success, just to spare you from the adverse effects of failure.

As I am in the process of bringing a project to life without any guaranty that it will be a success, I can tell you that I know what perseverance means, and what it is to have this little voice inside that keeps you going.

Always trust yourself and see what happens. All projects big or small have the value you give to them. Of course, anybody would much rather have a project worth millions, but ultimately what counts is the type of fulfillment you get from it. And until you do it you will not know!

Please watch the video below as an example of perseverance that paid of. I am very proud to say that Dr Jafari is one of my friends.