We all know how changing habits is a difficult task.

When it comes to diet it is even worse because when you have finally made the decision to eat healthier, your cravings take over.

The amazing thing with green juices or should I say green smoothies, is that one quart a day for a week without changing anything else is enough to start changing your cravings.

I could not believe my ears this morning when I heard my eldest son asking for his green juice after only a week of drinking one glass a day.

Even my 5 year old today said the juice was good; he had been so reluctant in drinking that before.

Both my husband and I sleep like babies since we started this daily routine. I had a mild detoxification migraine for the first two days, but I had started with two quarts a day.

We feel a real difference in our overall energy. Waking up in the morning is easy.

I can’t wait to see what further changes will occur in our health!

Of course, I did not wake up one morning thinking, “hey! Let’s try a daily green juice to see how it goes!”. I must share with you where I got that idea from.

I had bought a book that had been sitting on my bookshelf for months. I don’t even remember who is the delightful person who recommended it for me. But whoever that is: thank you, thank you so much!

I felt an urge to read it twelve days ago ago and started to try immediately including my whole family in the process. Needless to say I had a lot of complaints coming from my kids even if I did green juices for beginners (more fruits than greens).  But the green color increased by the drop of chlorophyll I sneaked in, just put them off.

I did not use the best parenting techniques to make them drink it, I must admit. I used the very efficient: “ if you don’t drink this you won’t have anything else”. To my defense I should add that I had tried every possible explanation understandable for kids: “it is wonderfully good for your body” “your belly will be so happy” “ it is like mint syrup” “ your cells are so happy”… I’ll spare you the rest.

Bottom line: nothing was convincing enough, so threatening worked.

You can imagine why I was bewildered today when my eldest who would live on Pringles that we never buy, ASKED for it! Honestly I thought he was kidding. And then another bewilderment, my little one says it is delicious!

Do you realize what kind of revolution that is? Well if you have children I am sure you do.

Could we get rid of junk food that easily? Don’t you think it is worth investigating?

In my family we are becoming addicted to green juices, it seems. And what a wonderful addiction!

Give it a try! You might be amazed too. All you need is a powerful blender. May I remind you that no blender beats the Thermomix both in efficiency and reliability over the years. For those of you who don’t know what marvelous tool the Thermomix TM31 is please check this post. you will get a full description and some videos that your taste buds will love.

A week later..

I want to add to this post to give you my feedback after three weeks.

My husband is doing every week the peak 8 cardio technique recommended by Dr. Mercola: it is an intensive exercise performed over twenty minutes only. He said he noticed a major improvement in his performance and in his recovering time. He and I both noticed a major effect on our moods: mood is steady throughout the day. But the most spectacular change is on our energy level: even my eldest son feels more energy. He has no more difficulties to wake up on school days.

And listen to this that will be music for the ears of parents who struggle to introduce healthy food in their children’s diet, my twelve year old told me last night that he does not feel like eating the cookie provided at lunch at school anymore. Before he was longing for it!

Ok that does not mean that my children after three weeks of daily green smoothies would turn down any sweet things coming their way.

First, it is slowly but surely changing their taste for healthier food. Second one large glass a day split in two glasses given in the morning and in the afternoon, fills them up with good nutrients that they would not have otherwise.

The key is to start conservative: three quarters of fruit for one quarter of greens. Make sure you use ORGANIC fruit and veggies, or instead of swallowing vitamins and minerals you will be feeding your body pesticides and other chemicals. Smoothies have done the chewing job for you so all this raw food is easily digested and absorbed by your body even if you have digestive problems.

All you need to do now is try! Enjoy! And please let me know your feedback when you start this easy, cheap way to join the healthy path.