Why would anyone transition to healthy food?

The why is always something we know quite well theoretically. But it never really sinks in until we usually get a good scare!

I was no different. Despite the fact that on my father’s side everybody died from cancer, I had the boldness youth gave me, thinking that nothing would ever happen to me. Luckily, I have never been a sweet tooth so the damage has not been hard to repair.

It all happened when I was 33. I started to have a low-grade fever, and I felt from tired to exhausted most of the day. I lived in Singapore at the time.

I went to see my regular doctor who sent me to a doctor specialist in internal medicine.  She ordered blood test, urine test, an endoscopy and colonoscopy, because my father had died from a colon cancer.

After the procedure, the gastroenterologist asked to meet us both, my husband and I, and his first words were that he had hardly seen so many different issues in a person my age. What worried him most was a polyp that he had removed: he suspected cancer. We were a Friday and we were supposed to have analysis results on Monday.

My husband and I spent the worse weekend of our lives then. We both knew what cancer at 33 meant in terms of life expectancy, and we were devastated at the prospect.

When it turned out that the polyp was not cancerous, that all the white dots spread along the wall of my colon were nothing known, that the wall mutation on the lower part of my esophagus would remain a risk, the relief was huge! But I still had the same symptoms, and now I had this esophagus mutation to watch out for.

I was scheduled to go through the procedure once again within six month. My doctor who had seen the beginning of an autoimmune disease in the blood test, sent me to a rheumatologist who did further tests. His conclusion was that my auto-immune disease was nothing known, not lupus, not rheumatoid arthritis, that he did not know how to cure anyway…

Back to my doctor specialist in internal medicine, she looked at me and said: “look, I could give you antibiotics to see, but I don’t think it will do much; I have nothing to offer you. If I were you I would go see a naturopath.” I was grateful for her honesty and followed her advice.

When I saw the naturopath he did some weird tests with me holding different vials in one hand and a metal mass in the other hand. The machine he used was German.

Right after he said that I was invaded by Candida albicans, and that I needed to go through a strict diet.

After the previous scare, I was ready to do anything and laughed at the idea of a twelve days diet. He warned me though that it would be extremely painful for the first few days, and he said I should not stop the diet until all pains are gone.

The diet was: eat egg, steamed fish, lean white meat, olive oil, green vegetables. Nothing else! When you do this type of diet you realize how wonderful it is to be able to eat everything.

My motivation to feel better was high. My beloved husband, who was deeply concerned, said that he would do the diet with me to help me do it. If THIS is not an act of Love, I don’t know what is.

I had to take a high dosage of olive leaf extract at the same time. And I had to do a dreadful enema every day.

The first day was ok, the second day I woke up with a headache that was unbearable. I called Mr. ND in despair, and he said to drink more water and wait. It was so difficult to cope with the pain that I would have stopped the diet if my husband did not motivate me to continue. The third day was as bad, and in addition I was losing weight: by the fourth day I had lost five kilos, ten pounds, and believe me, I did not need to lose any weight!

He kept saying that I was losing toxins and that was good. By the fifth day my fever was gone, and headache was gradually going. By the sixth day, headache was gone. By the seventh day, I felt in shape like I had never felt before. Despite of the fact that my food regimen was green beans and hard boiled egg in the morning, fish and green salad for lunch, chicken and spinach for dinner, my energy had never been that high.

By the tenth day, he told me I could stop the diet, and I had a long discussion with him on what my diet should now be to maintain my health.

This is when all my family started to take supplements and eat organic.

When I did the procedure scheduled a couple months later, the gastroenterologist asked to meet us again after the procedure. This time it was to tell us about his astonishment when he saw that everything was perfectly normal, including the esophagus. His words were: “I have never seen a mutation go back to normal, especially in six months.” Unfortunately he could not believe that a simple diet combined with olive leaf extract could have done that job.

When I think today of this period of my life, I am deeply grateful. I feel blessed to have learnt early enough how food matters on a path to health, and most importantly my heart is pouring with love when I think of my what my husband did for me. Every day he would come back from work to have lunch with me to make sure I would do the diet. His support has been invaluable, and I will never thank him enough for that.

This was the start of my learning process to reach optimum health. I had already read a lot from a disease perspective with my father dying, and my son and his early intestinal problems, but I was determined to understand the wonderful balance that leads to health.

Until today I have never stopped learning, and I can tell you for a fact that in most cases alternative medicines are the way to go.

I have no trace of any auto-immune disease, my colon is vibrant and healthy and I have no sign of any degenerative diseases of any kind. I saw both my parents end their life prematurely after a long agony for my father and an horrible end for my mother. I don’t wish for anyone to go through that.

We are all responsible for our lives, but it is foolish to think that it does not affect others. Know that your children might witness your dreadful end if you keep eating junk food. My parents did not know. They did not have access to the massive amount of knowledge available on the internet.

You do.

What worked for me may not work for you, but please question your diet and assess your health, for you, for your family.

Life is too precious, don’t let ignorance spoil it.