Very often we feel love and we don’t show it forgetting that what we feel is not necessarily clear for the others.

Tell your loved ones that you love them simply, regularly even if it is obvious to you.

Life’s pace does not leave much time left for anything, and we tend to optimize on all levels including our speech, our gesture and our moves. If this definitely makes sense as a coping mechanism, with your life partner, it can be devastating.

Let’s face the fact that when it comes to love affirmation, optimization is good for us but never for the others. We want to feel loved, and we want to be sure of it. So we like to hear love messages again and again. The “don’t you know by now?” does not work…for us.

The more time you spend with someone the harder it gets because daily routine does not foster love and romance. Habits are wonderful because they relax the mind, you don’t need to think things through. But they can be terrible in any relationship.

Just think about the fact that we all have highs and lows according to our own schedule. When we have a bad day this is the time we need most to feel loved. It is this feeling that can turn our mood back to high regardless of other factors. The problem is that very often, our lows do not make us particularly loveable: we are cranky, sad and irritable, in other words negative.

Well this is exactly when true love should step in.

Imagine what it would feel like if your partner came to you and held you while saying how much he/she loves you when you are that cranky, irritable shadow of yourself. Wouldn’t that make a big difference? It would certainly give you the opportunity to see yourself with loving eyes at a time when you are unable to do so by yourself.

This is an invaluable gift that we all deserve to receive.

Long-term couples, check out how you show your love for your partner and make sure you do show your love. Never presume he or she knows just because you are here day after day.

Tell him, tell her, kiss him, kiss her, hold him/her tight and lovingly on a regular basis. Make THAT your routine.

It will make a difference for him/ her and for you eventually.

Who else loves you enough to go beyond your nasty side? Your mother? Really?

Do you still wonder why I claim that your couple is your biggest asset? Whatever there is on your bank account, whichever you are in your work place, in your community, nothing can fill your heart like this unconditional love that your partner can show you.

This is the only fuel for a long time run.

Don’t feel shy or embarrassed. Show your love!