As we are about to start 2012, it is a good time to reflect on our lives in order to appreciate what we have and make the necessary changes to get rid of what we dislike.

All religions offer a day a week for that self check, through prayers and private time. Rare are those who follow that path because modern pace does not give any true day off anymore.

So it is particularly important to do this check up once a year.  New Year’s break gives that opportunity even here in the US.

We all know how positive attitude impacts our life. Being appreciative of what we have is a good way to boost our confidence and our patience towards what needs improvement.

The very reason why spending time to reflect is extremely important is that you get then a chance to precisely define your own conception of happiness.

Nothing is more vague than happiness. So start wishing yourself your own happy new year with as much details as possible before wishing it as-is to others, and let them put whatever they want under the concept.

Why being precise is very important? Because this is the only way for you to visualize what you truly desire and make it a reality in your mind first. Your mind will then process the information and will unconsciously guide you towards the materialization of your desires.

If you think that this is some kind of coo coo stuff coming from the Secret, well think again. Positive thinking impacting your life is a wide spread belief among doctors, and other health practitioners. And visualization is recommended even in the least expected areas. I was looking for a tutorial on Youtube to guide my daughter in learning to unicycle: guess what, I found a very detailed video where the guy said that mind work was very important. He recommended visualizing being on the unicycle and pedaling.

So if it works to learn to unicycle, no doubt it can help elsewhere.

Here is what I have done for 2011 self-check: I created a chart with four rows on the left and five columns on the top. Rows are for health, relationships, work and finances. Columns are for what I am grateful for in 2011, what I would like to change, what I want to happen in 2012, what I will do to make it happen.

Once I have filled the chart, I closed my eyes and tried to feel what it would be like if, for each thing I want, it had already happened. For certain things I had to review and redefine what I wanted for me to be able to visualize it.

If you do that, you can’t be vaguely dissatisfied and you are more likely to be proactive in making things happen.

Will that be enough to bring what you want for 2012? Only the future will tell. Do not hesitate to keep me posted!

For sure though, you will be starting the year with a plan that your conscious mind will support for a period of time. If and when you fall short, it is time to get some help to change your comfort zone so your unconscious mind becomes an ally.

Keep faith! Anything is possible: when there is a will, there is a way!

Happy New Year to you all!