The kitchen tools that make a difference:

I have always believed that if you have the right tools you do a better job in anything you do. What is also true is that you are much more efficient in doing a good job.

Don’t get me wrong: I am French but I am no great cook. Where I deeply follow my national genes is that I love eating and I love talking about food.

I am very demanding on the quality of what I eat so I am forced to cook.

With cooking it is  like with everything else, practice is key. The more you do it the better you do it.

If I love eating I don’t particularly enjoy cooking. So I need efficient tools to make the whole process short and efficient.

Let’s list what I love most that makes me go to my kitchen:


Good knives: Have you tried to cut a tomato with an average knife? If you don’t want to make a puree, well forget it! You know that all knives are not created equal; the top knives I have been using for years that have never failed me both in comfort and in efficiency are the Global knives. I only have three of them and I love them!

Choose the size that you feel comfortable with: they have all kinds of size.


Good  pots and pans: if you have been following me you know by now how health conscious I am. I have been reading as much as I could on non-stick coatings, stainless steel etc… I have come to believe that we’d better be safe than sorry. So I chose ceramic cookware especially for frying pan. And I find it fantastic! It is easy to use and easy to clean. And Lock and Lock ceramic pans have fun colors and the price is reasonable.

The life-changing appliance that literally transforms your cooking experience: Thermomix TM31.




When I first arrived in the US I did not think it was possible to get this marvelous tool, so I followed the path most people walk. I bought a food processor that was supposed to change my life: the reality was that it was such a pain to use and clean that I quit using it after a few uses.

I bought a blender, then another one, then the Vitamix that I changed for a Blendtec. I have had my Blendtec for a year and I already feel I need to get a new canister because the blade is not doing a proper job anymore.

I bought a juicer that does a good job when I bother taking it out from the cabinet. At some point I bought an icemaker that I returned because I found it complicated to use.  I also bought a slowcooker hoping it would do my job: who does not dream about a delicious home made meal with little work and little supervision?

During all that time I was upset about the fact I could not use my amazing Thermomix TM31 that is a bliss to use once you know how.

First, it is one bowl for everything! The blade is amazingly powerful yet it does not cut your skin when you touch it. You chop anything in 3 seconds and it is not a pain to get what you have chopped in the bowl.

Cutting or peeling vegetables (if you use organic ingredients) is not necessary. A coleslaw takes 5mn to make from the time you get your cabbage and your carrots from your fridge until you place the end result in a serving dish.

Chopping onions, garlic, and herbs is a no brainer and tear free process: you place the entire onion peeled inside the bowl and within 5 seconds it’s chopped fine.

Cooking with Thermomix is a delight: you feel like a great Chef. You follow their recipe to the letter and you end up with an amazing risotto, a soup to die for, steamed fillet of fish with a divine sauce, or more.

For some reasons I am never consistent with a type of rice pudding that my children love; when I miss it I am never sure about what went wrong.

With Thermomix it never goes wrong, you get the same consistent result day after day.

When you count the number of appliances you can get rid off when you own a Thermomix, your jaw drops: it does the job of a grinder, a mixer, a food processor, a slow cooker, an ice cream maker, a juicer, a steamer, a braiser and a scale! You can cook pasta or anything in it.

All you need besides the Thermomix, is a frying pan to brown your meat or to cook your own crepes, and an oven to bake the bread you would have made in your Thermomix. It is well worth its expensive price (1500$): my friends take their Thermomix with them when they go on holiday!

The good news is that we can now get it in the US if we order it in Canada. Shipping to the US is free. The only reason I believe it is not sold here is that degrees are Celsius and scale is in grams. It is manufactured in Germany so you can trust the quality of the product.

I wish I could show you some French Youtube videos on the subject, but the language barrier would make it useless. Check online though you will find thousands of recipes on Youtube from all over the world.

Guys, if there is one thing you need in a kitchen it’s a Thermomix. My French male friends love using it! You truly feel like a Chef. You will love it! I love everything about it even the noise. The best restaurants use it every day so you can imagine how long it will last in your home.

Get it through Nathalie Miller, she will help you to get it delivered to your home. Toll-free: 1 (877) 423 8111  or click on the link for Thermomix Canada website

I could not resist showing you a video that is entirely in French, but you will see chefs,  people, all adamant about Thermomix

Cooking should be fun, quick, easy and healthy. Bon Appetit!