We all know what to do on that wonderful day. Instead of listing all the things I am grateful for like most people do, I would like to draw your attention once again on your couple.

Imagine for a few minutes what your life would be without your life partner. If a cynical response comes immediately to you, please go beyond it, and truly picture what life would be in the morning, in the evening, in summer, in winter, during the day, during the night, any time, without that partner.

It is normal to take for granted what we have, especially when all goes smoothly: There is nothing like a leg injury to realize how wonderful it is to walk and run without pain.

Having somebody next to you, with you, is a blessing, even if this relationship does not look perfect to you. We are not anymore, at least in the western world, in those days when you had to stay no matter what, with the one chosen for you.

Nowadays, what is difficult is to find reasons to stay with the same person, when after a period of time, your life with that person seems to have lost the excitement and romance it used to have.

The truth is that you, me, are probably not as excited and romantic as we used to be either, especially in that relationship that has lasted long enough that we feel confident to be truly ourselves.

My understanding of true love though, is that it is not excitement nor romance, it is a daily demonstration of care and heartfelt moves.

So please, take the time to look at what your partner does for you on a daily basis, and how consistent he or she has been in doing so.

And, even if it is only for one day, don’t think it is normal, be grateful for it.

Thank you my beloved husband for all you have been doing for me since I know you.

Nobody is perfect but everybody should aim to be.

Happy Thanksgiving!