1. Start by changing your beliefs around food such as “I can’t live without my daily Starbucks latte” “healthy food sucks” “eating healthy is no fun” etc… This is the first step to make your diet change easy. Make sure you read about changing your comfort zone to understand why this is the first step. What you are eating now is your comfort zone regarding food.

2. Start drinking more water: dehydration is a primary cause for constipation. Aim for 4 to 5 large glasses a day. And start you day with a glass of water. Add a drop of lemon essential oil to give a bit of taste if plain water is a no go for you.

3. Switch to Xylitol or Stevia to sweeten your food. I like xylitol better because it gives no taste and you can use it just like sugar when you bake.

Be aware of your sugar addiction. As indulging as it may seem, sugar is a toxic that quickly jeopardizes your health.

4. Add a probiotic to your daily diet. Check Mercola.com for a good quality one delivered to your door. It will help fight off the toxins build up in your colon and ease your digestion.

5. Start reading labels for ingredients: the longer the list is, the worse it is.  Check for sugars content and salt content, you will be surprised…

6. Make your diet change compulsory. Think about what it would be like if you had to suppress, salt or fats for good with a blood test every month to control your cholesterol or any other unbalanced markers. You are far better off deciding to switch to healthy food now: that allows you to eat everything truly tasty for as long as you live.

7. Review your expenses: be prepared to allocate more money and time to your food. Eating healthy costs more, not much more, but more. Be sure though, that this is the best health insurance you can have, because you will prevent many diseases.

8. Plan your meals. Go to a farmers’ market where sellers will give you great suggestions about what you can do with their products. Take your children with you: farmers will create an emotional link with the food you buy, and your children will be more inclined to try new foods.

Check your basics in your kitchen: a good unprocessed sea salt (yes the sticky one!), multicolor bay pepper that you grind on demand, organic first cold pressed Olive oil, organic coconut oil for cooking.

9. Add super foods to your diet: the list is long. For a pretty good list of what are super foods check food matters website. I use coconut water, chlorophyll, spirulina and many others. I will be happy to tell you more if you wish me to.