We all know how difficult it can be to eat healthy, unprocessed food on a daily basis throughout the week.

Colleen Huber, ND, gives great ideas. On top of my list is buy and cut your vegetables and herbs over the week-end and freeze them so meal preparation is made super easy. Don’t forget though that she does not mention Thermomix TM31 which is The appliance you need in a kitchen to make your life super easy. Although expensive (1500$) it replaces food processor, blender, grinder, slow cooker, scale, mixer, ice maker. It is one one bowl, all goes to the dishwasher, but it so easy to rinse it after use that you won’t even need to put it in the dishwasher. despite a super powerful engine, it is super easy and safe to use. Kids will learn to make  their smoothies, crepes on their own in no time.

To get a thermomix, you must have someone in Canada or Mexico who will be willing to buy one for you and mail it to you. The only reason why the TM31 is not sold in the US is because the scale is in grams and the degrees are in Celsius, as if you were not able to convert!

Janie from Cook with Janie can show what this marvelous tool is all about. Please check her carrot and coriander soup and cheese scones, truly amazing! And if you want to get it, know that it is sold in Canada and in Mexico.  It is not sold in the US mainly because it is in grams and Celsius degrees. Honestly it is so simple to follow to the letter any recipe that it should never be a problem.

If you follow Colleen Huber’s advices on preparing your ingredients in advance, eating healthy could not be easier. Remember that with thermomix you don’t need to chop anything, you don’t need to cut anything in small pieces, and if you use organic veggies, you don’t even need to peel them!

Add a nice wine to your meal, and enjoy!