As much as I feel it is an absolute necessity to eat healthy in order to stay in control of your mood while keeping any disease at bay, the reality is that it is unpractical for most couples.

The very first reason is that in most cases it implies a drastic change of habits that will cause initially uncomfortable cravings and detoxification. In other words, you need to leave your comfort zone to install new habits that will save you a great deal time, stress, money, and maybe even your life … in the future.

Well, if it is a shared decision, it is possible. But if only one partner has decided to change her diet then she will face major resistance in all family meals. And that would be an additional stress unsustainable on the long run.

The problem is that eating healthy is a way to prevent further issues. Prevention has never had a huge success with human beings except when judicious marketing and big money are at stake. Vaccination is a striking example.

As it is well stated in the Food Matters movie that I highly recommend that you watch, diseases make a lot of money not health.

So eating healthy is a personal decision with an initial cost that will make it very hard for anybody well intended to put in place if he is alone.

Second reason is that junk food is fast and easy. Raw food advocates will tell you that juicing is easy, the truth is that nothing is easier than driving through a fast food after work to get a full meal that will please the sleeping taste buds of the whole family.

No grocery shopping, no meal preparation, no dishes, no convincing needed to feed the kids…How can you beat that!?

And what makes it a vicious cycle is that the more you eat junk food the less energy you have to cook proper food, and you never feel full for a long time so most likely you will snack an easy super salty or super sweet snack before your next junk meal.

Morgan Spurlock with Super Size me has bravely shown where this type of diet leads. And you could not be more wrong if you think that this is only the case if you eat only that. Of course more poison is worse than less poison, but it nonetheless remains poison.

Health is a key factor for a thriving libido and a good energy level. So what can be done?

See your body as you see your car.

As sad as the comparison may seem, it is not off track to see your body as your car. Most people treat their car extremely well, especially men. So let’s treat your body the same way.

Your car needs oil, so do you. You are a little more sophisticated than a car so you need several oils.

Your car needs water, so do you, big time!

Your car needs a specific fuel, so do you!

But first, as your body is not new, you need … an oil change! In body terms, that is detoxification! With detoxification there are two ways, one harder and one easier. Purists would say you need both. But just like with your car, you don’t want to spend too much money/ time/ energy on maintenance.

So the easy way is colonic. And I am not talking about the enema you get from the first pharmacy that is as disgusting as unpractical. You now have places you can go to where it is a no-brainer process: you are doing the colonic yourself on a big bathtub, nobody sees your private parts and within an hour, you have emptied your colon of all the waste and toxins, filled it with good bacterial flora (probiotics), and you are good to go for a new start.

For more information, see Lighten Up Health Center that fully explains the process. By the way, this place in OC, California is great!

For your information, the other way to detoxification is herbs and juice fasting, and you still need to make sure your colon gets rid of its junk throughout the process

Upgrade to premium fuel

That means eat organic and:

–       add green vegetables,

–       add colorful salads with olive oil and lemon dressing,

–       add walnuts almonds cashew nuts, hazelnuts

–       make whey protein concentrate shakes

–       add vitamin C, omega 3, probiotics and a good multivitamin and minerals

–       replace sugar by xylitol

–       eat organic grass fed meat

–       drink at least five glasses of plain water a day. Add a drop of lemon essential oil to make it more flavorful if the idea of plain water is too hard.

And your car, I mean your body, will be running well. Each ride will be smooth, every part will be more responsive …. and vibrant! I leave the translation in the bedroom to you.

If you think this is no fun, spend some time with your relative who is struggling with a chronic disease severe or not, and tell me how fun that is.

When cancer is on the rise, when cardio vascular disease is common, when asthma is on the rise as well as ADD and ADHD, believe me,  you want to do for yourself and your close ones what it takes to be and stay healthy.

I truly wish that Steve Jobs’ death at 56 served as a wake up call: If this extraordinary man could not be saved with all the means he had to get the best doctors in the world, what are our chances?

So don’t wait until you are there to make the necessary changes.

Move your body!

Swimming, walking fast and, among indoor exercise (although nothing forbids that you do it in the privacy of your back yard!)  sexual intercourse are the top exercises that will keep in shape every cell of your body.

Similarly to your car, if you don’t use your body, meaning if you don’t use on a regular basis the approximately 640 skeletal muscles that need your will to get moving, you are heading to problems very similar to those you would have with your car. Just think that if you can buy a new car, you will only have one body….

So please move! And move with your partner. THAT is fun!

Cook wisely!

Last but not least get the proper appliances to make your life easy when you decide to cook.

I cannot but recommend you Thermomix from Vorverk, German manufacturing appliance that is so easy to use and easy to clean that once you know how to operate it, making your own juice, your own soups, your own meals will be a no brainer.

This appliance is expensive, about 1500$, but it replaces so many others that the whole family will not regret the investment.

It does the job of a blender, a food processor, a food scale, a juicer, a slow cooker, a steamer, an ice cream maker, a grinder and a timer.

In literally 10mn you can prepare a healthy meal for four people with no supervision. If you know a bit about French cooking you probably know that the best dishes are slowly cooked which requires a lot of supervision. Well Thermomix does the job wonderfully for you. Once you place your food in and start it with the right settings, it will beep when food is done within 20 to 40 mn depending on the dish.

Making coleslaw is so easy, and takes 5mn including your peeling carrots and preparing cabbage.

If you never enjoyed cooking because of dishes to wash and mess in your kitchen, well this is the tool to go for.

And it is so easy to use once you know how, that kids can use it safely to make crepes, smoothies all by themselves!

You can only get this appliance from Canada. You can also check this article dated May 2009 from the Wall Street Journal. Please note that the price now is 1500$.

Check this video to see it at work.

I don’t know one person whether male or female who owns one and does not swear by it. This is the tool for any food lover who does not want to eat any processed food.

If you are interested, you can only get it from Canada because it is not formatted for the US ounces/Fahrenheit. Check with Nathalie from to have it shipped to you in the US. Shipping is free. If you do, kindly mention you came from my blog.