Your mind directs your mood. And your mood affects your interaction with anyone including your partner. Mood is the result of your believes and your physiological and biochemistry balance.

When you have been living with someone for a long time you are less likely to use what I would call make-up for the mood. And your partner becomes the receiver of your true mood day after day.

If it is part of the wonders of a long-term relationship to be able to truly be yourself with your partner, it should not burden your relationship.

Therefore, if your mood is unsteady, if you feel depressed, if you feel mood swings, you should see into it and address it.

You may have good reasons in your current reality to feel negative feelings and negative emotions. That does not mean that you can’t do anything about it.

In fact, the quicker you will address these feelings and uplift your mood the sooner your outside reality will change.

In order to have a steady mood that helps you keep your emotions under balance, you must work on two levels:

1. you must work on your believes, and

2. you need to make sure you have the right supplementation to avoid all nutrient deficiencies that would impair your cortisol level, serotonin production, hormones production, etc…

Work on your believes

Everything in life can be viewed as the half empty or half full glass; it is all a question of perspective. You don’t have to be totally delusional to decide to see the bright side in everything. It just makes your life lighter.

You can decide to see and put your focus on what goes well; but if you want to make this decision your new reality on the long run, you need to have the approval of your subconscious.

Most likely if you have a rather pessimistic view on things, this is what your subconscious mind is programmed to focus on. This is your comfort zone. To change a pattern as strong as this one you need to take the risk to go outside your comfort zone.

You need to leave your comfort zone if you want to improve anything in your life.

Your comfort zone is nothing less than your current reality. Whether you like it or not, your reality in your couple today is your comfort zone. That means that your subconscious mind is programmed to keep you “safe” within that comfort zone.

When you know that only 4 to 6% of all our actions is triggered by the conscious mind, you understand why you must reprogram your subconscious mind in order to really improve your relationship on the long run.

To learn more please check the detailed explanation of the power of the brain given by John Assaraf on his blog, click on “powerful brain” to access the pdf. Here is a link to John’s site.

He has written a book called Having it All.

Whether you believe in the Secret or not does not matter, what he says on the power of brain is confirmed in other fields than money making.

Bruce Lipton with his Biology of Belief confirms the theory exposed by John Assaraf. Bruce Lipton tells all about the latest research in cell biology and quantum physics. His book is a must read.

What is the easiest way to change your comfort zone or your belief system.

You will find many brain training programs out there.

There are two techniques in particular that I would like to recommend you. I have used them both successfully: Emotional Freedom Technique and Psyche-K.

If you want any change to last effortlessly, these techniques are fantastic.

Check Change your comfort zone to improve your relationship

Keep your nutritional deficiencies away

For a long time I believed that only emotions were influencing my mood. I thought that emotions patterns were the results of trauma that only a psychological approach could heal. Well I was far from the truth.

If a psychological approach is necessary in many cases, it is not enough. Check Patrick Holford’ s book Optimum Nutrition for the Mind for a detailed information on mind’ biochemistry.

A trauma causes a physiological reaction within the body that impairs its ability to function properly.

A perfect example would be allergic reactions: most allergies have an emotional root cause. Once the emotional side of the allergy is dealt with, allergy disappears. It is not rare that EFT or Psyche-K alone solve chronic medical pain for that reason.

However, someone who has had severe allergies for a long time will have a deficient immune system, and nutritional deficiencies because the body does not absorb properly vitamins and minerals anymore. Identification of what is good and what is bad is distorted. So despite good eating habits, and a healthy lifestyle, you need extra vitamins and minerals to bring back to balance your body.

Only a good holistic doctor will be able to clearly identify what your body is lacking and orchestrate a nutritional therapy tailor made for you.

If you live a stressful life, and who does not these days, you must be aware that oxidation process within your body is accelerated. There is no way you can fight that with daily food, even organic. Mineral content of soils are depleted, shelf time of fresh products is too long, and most food is cooked, living no vitamins left from the cooking process. But you can limit the damage done to your cells by providing the right supplementation.

Here is what I take following the suggestions of my beloved doctor that I would love to recommend you, but she is too busy:

Women wellness from Metagenics: complete vitamin, mineral, omegas 3 supplements

CoQ-10 from Metagenics

Sam-e from Ortho Molecular

Probiotics from Mercola


Shatavari herbal extract

Vitamin c Metagenics 2g a day

And once a month I have a nutritional IV packed with vitamins and minerals.

I am not saying that everybody needs all this but I am saying that you should find out through blood tests and urine tests what you need to avoid further serious problems.

Mood swings for ladies are very often caused by progesterone deficiency. PMS syndrome is a nightmare for the whole family, and the male partner in particular.

Mood swings for stressed males are very often aggravated by vitamin B (and B6 and B12 in particular) deficiency.

Not all supplements are equal and certain brands are better than others. Better means efficient. And usually cheap is not a good sign. It is hard to go wrong with Metagenics.  I noticed for example that vitamin C from Metagenics is far more efficient than any other over the counter brand to take care of a starting cold.

By the way, it is through that I found my wonderful doctor. If you live in Europe or in Asia you can get Biocare easily and it is a very serious brand too,

If you need one more motivation to act now, these nutrients impact your libido big time.

So don’t wait for a back pain, ache here and there, to take care of your physical body.

A healthy mind in a healthy body gives you enough energy to deal with everything… including your couple.