A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for~John A. Shedd, Salt from My Attic (1928)

Life is fulfilling if you accept the idea of change. Changing allow us to improve constantly. Be willing to take risks to reach the next step. We all do that in various fields of our lives but we tend to forget to do it in our most important relationship.

To make changes that will last, you need to make sure that this change becomes your new comfort zone, or your new belief.

Deciding for a change is the first step. Second step is doing it. Third and most important step is to integrate it in such way that you don’t need to consciously think about it to make it happen.

The two techniques below are the ones I favor for they both worked wonderfully when I used them. Besides their efficiency what I love about them is that they are no drama techniques, and they don’t take you for sessions and sessions that last years before you see any results.

  • EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique.

It is an acupressure tapping technique that you can easily learn and do on your own to clear all intensity of negative emotions, therefore change your beliefs and their consequences.

Even children can use it. I was introduced to EFT when I lived in Hong Kong. It seemed amazingly simple and I decided to learn it for me and for my family. I bought all the training DVDs that Gary Craig the founder had combined, and used it extensively on everyone who would be willing to try. There is no scientific explanation to this day about what makes EFT so efficient in anything linked to emotions. But it works. It is also an amazing emergency technique that can stop you from falling into PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). It is therefore useful to address fear after a traumatic fall of your child.

Acting as an EFT practitioner, the most impressive healings I could witness range from spider phobia, severe chronic back pain to anger and sadness. An hour session was enough to deal with spider phobia. Severe back pain took three sessions and I believe that it could have been quicker if I had had more experience to guide the sessions. Anger was more challenging as anger can have so many roots but it was solved within two full hours of tapping.

I trust Gary Craig and only Gary Craig even if he is retired. He is an amazing man with great integrity. He has never pretended to be the inventor of EFT. And he has never pretended to be a doctor. He also has never promised the world and beyond. Check his website to learn EFT for you; he will release soon an online tutorial.

Have a look at this video that clearly shows how EFT affects your cells:

Gary Craig helping Lynn lowering blood cell clumping with lab test before and after


So how would you use EFT in your relationship?

Well anytime you feel frustration, annoyance, anger or any negative feeling towards your partner. Work on your feelings first, you will be much more efficient in communicating with your partner on what triggered the negative feeling.

See the sentences below as examples. You can choose one that resonates most with you. Grade how it resonates from 0 to 10. And start tapping until you reach 0. Try to be precise in what you feel, you will feel better sooner.

Even if I am so annoyed when he/she does that (be as specific as possible) I deeply love and accept myself.

Even if I am hurt when he/she talks to me that way I deeply love and accept myself.

Even if I am so tired of listening to him/her, I deeply love and accept myself.

Whatever sentence you make, be sure that you start with an “I” sentence, you want to work on your own emotions to release them.

Even if his mess drives me nuts, for example, should be rephrased as even if I feel upset, angry…each time I see his mess, I deeply love and accept myself.

If your emotions are so overwhelming that you feel you can’t handle that on your own, contact Michelle Hardwick. She is an amazing healer based in the UK.  She combines different techniques to help you achieve your goal faster while using EFT. You can work with her on skype from your home. She travels all over the world but she can find you a time to schedule a private session. Check her site, she is as amazing as her smile shows.

  • Psych-K.

I was introduced to Psyche-K last year and I have been amazed by the results we get with this technique. It is not as easy to learn as EFT can be, but it is fun to do.

You can learn it through a two days workshop for the first level. But if your time is limited, just find a practitioner through Psych-K website .

If you happen to be in Southern California, Karen Johnson is professional, dedicated, efficient, and fun to work with. Her site is

To learn more about psyche-K you can watch Rob Williams explaining what it is all about.

Even if you don’t believe in the spiritual part of Rob Williams speech, Psyche-K can help you with your relationship.

First and foremost you can change all preconceived ideas about your couple that limit your ability to enjoy your life.

I could give you an example with task partition within the couple.

But let’s take sex as an example, it is more fun… and always relevant!

We all have huge believes about sex, about what is right and what is wrong, about who should start and how. Pause for a second and ask yourself how you would love your sexuality to be with your partner. Be specific. Write it to make sure you don’t forget any details. That, by the way is called visualization. Make an appointment with a Psyche-k practitioner and work with him or her over all believes supporting this ideal situation. You will soon be amazed how your approach to sex will change after that.

Psyche-K can really help you change your perceptions about anything, therefore change your reality in a fun and relaxing way.