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Welcome to Anne’s Blog

2013-08-23 02.00.20My name is Anne Benissan. I am in my mid-forties and I just relocated to Singapore after 5 years in California.  Before moving to California I had lived in Asia for eight years. I was born and raised in France in an upper middle class family who faced a massive economic downturn in the 1980’s. My parents ended up separating and ultimately threw themselves into a nasty divorce.

The years surrounding their divorce radically changed my life and fashioned me deeply. As a result I have been highly motivated to question the workings of the world around me and to strive to find the best way to understand and avoid the mishaps I witnessed. More than anything else, my goal became making my personal life a success. I deeply believe that life’s fulfillment depends on this.  In order to achieve my goal, I have given priority to building my family, above all else.

My commitment to my family guided me to give up my blossoming career as a lawyer. I will always remember what two female colleague lawyers told me while I was doing an internship in a high end London law firm. During my engagement I was debating whether I should wait to have a child or not.  They told me “the only question you should ask yourself is: what will matter to you in ten, fifteen years from now?”.

This decision was difficult.  I loved the law passionately; the brainstorming international law required, the research, the interaction with other lawyers and the excitement I felt while working on each case.  Despite my love of my career, I decided I would not wait to have a child.

My husband has never failed the trust I placed in him.  We have sailed through all these years, and still have an intact, strong marriage. We deeply love and respect each other and we have been blessed with three wonderful children. Life has certainly not spared us our share of tragedies. They were times when we felt that some kind of malediction was cast on us, as challenges would follow one after the other without rest. We survived them all. We learned from them all. And we grew from them all.

It was not necessarily easy to protect our couple; but I had an acute awareness that our relationship was the base, the safe haven where we would gather our energy from when we needed it most. It has been, and it still is today.

As you may or may not know is live. EZcouple has its own blog where I will continue to write on relationships. There, you will find practical advice, matter for thoughts and ideas to nurture your couple.

The blog annebenissan as a result is going to shift to the other subjects I love and find critical to improve our life and enjoy it to the fullest. I will share there what I know about health, about parenting, and any other subject I find important to share with you.

I will try my best to share with you what I have learned from my own experience as a woman, a wife, a mother, and as a daughter. I have lived on three different continents and have been exposed to many different cultures. There is one thing I can tell you: we all share the same challenges. I am an avid learner in any subject that matters to me. And I believe that the quest to understand ourselves and the world we live in is a never ending one. That is what makes life so wonderful.


Credentials: Anne is a certified French lawyer at Paris ‘ Bar with a degree in fiscal law, a degree in family law, and a post graduate degree in mediation and international arbitration  from Paris I Sorbonne. She also has a degree from INALCO Paris in Chinese and Eastern civilizations. She is a certified traditional Feng Shui expert from Yap Cheng Hai Academy. She is a certified NAET (Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique) practitioner and an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner at a time when there was no certification given at the end of the course.