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My Only Resolution for 2014

Beautiful scenery and sunbeams in the forestNew year resolution

Last year I decided that mindfulness was to be the motto of 2013. When I reflected over what I wanted in 2014, I understood how mindfulness and the meaning behind had sunk deeply in my mind heart and soul.

I want to be able to enjoy to some level EVERYTHING that happens to me in 2014.

This is the only thing I want.

You could think that with my first book being published this month and my site to be launched hopefully this month too, I would wish success for these two projects that mean so much to me.

But I know better.

The biggest lesson of the past years, delays and frustration, is that accepting what life brings to you is probably the most difficult yet the most fulfilling thing to do. Of course I wish only good things to my two life projects. Yet I know that whether it is the book or the site they both have their life of their own outside of my creative mind. I will have to accept everything that happens, even if I don’t meet success. I must be prepared to accept anything because I don’t have the big picture. I am clueless about the future, its impact and its meaning. Fear of uncertainty makes us do big mistakes. In the uncertainty of the future lies also the seed for something new, the hope of a happy change. And THIS is exciting.

I just wish I will be able to enjoy the process while swimming into uncertainty, while facing challenges bound to happen.

I will still work as hard as I can and do my best, but I pray and wish that acceptance will make it all stress free…to some extent.

I have always been very resilient. This year I have decided to shift to be Antifragile as described by Nassim Nicholas Taleb in his book Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder.

It is not hard to find disorder in our lives: the simple fact that the unexpected is often happening is disorder in itself. Isn’t it about time we all gain from that disorder instead of desperately trying to straighten up things out of our power or control?

That’s my plan for 2014.

About the Author:

Anne is the author of Happily Ever After In The Real World and the founder of She focuses on long distance relationships and life improvement.

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