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EZcouple’s Homepage and Upcoming Changes



This a screenshot of homepage as you will see it very shortly.

EZcouple will have a blog that will be dedicated to long-term relationships, and everything that matters to nurture a relationship.

EZcouple’s mission is to improve long-term relationships: it will have its own blog.

EZcouple’s motto:

Happy Life, Happy Wife!

As a result  will become more diverse. I am so eager to share with you more than I have already. I know it goes against all the marketing laws that a blog should be finding a niche and stay consistent. will not be consistent according to marketing laws as I don’t plan to limit myself in what I write about.

I have done too many things to feel comfortable in limiting myself. I am not sure yet what I will write about in this blog, what I can tell you is that it will bring value of some sort because I never write for the sake of writing. The design of annebenissan will change as well to reflect more my personality.

Through my posts I hope to offer you new perspectives and food for thoughts. I welcome all your reactions, negative as long as they are respectful, and positive.’s motto:

Questioning and discernment to live better

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