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Your relationship will love what is coming!

It is about time I give you some news!

You may have noticed that I have not posted much in the past three months.

Let me tell you why:

 I have been working on two very important matters that you will discover very soon.


The first one is a new website totally redesigned for with a new name on top! will be an outstanding tool to help you nurture your relationship that includes new features, and lessons we have learned from peacereminder’s first version. I foresee a launch date in the next three weeks. Please stay tuned for a precise date coming soon. For now check out the new logo created by my talented friend Nathalie. Let me know what you think of that logo. ez-couple-logo-wb


The second one is a book that will come out roughly at the same time. Be prepared for an eBook version and a paper version. The book is about all I know about thriving in your relationship and more. I am super excited to be publishing that book that I have been writing for so many months. An audiobook version will also follow soon after. The title is Happily Ever After In The Real World.

As I don’t want to post anything that does not bring you some value, I chose to delay any new posts until I could seriously write again.

Peacereminder users, have no fear. You will soon get an email from me giving you in avant premiere the highlights of the new site and of course a surprise to thank you for trusting peacereminder and myself in the first place.




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