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PeaceReminder’s values

Your privacy has always been one of my primary focus in building this site.  The site is constructed to ensure the confidentiality of you and your data.  No one, other than yourself and your partner, has access to any data you provide.

The Friends chosen will see only their own page.  They will never see a Wish List, nor will they have access to the Circle page.  The only person with access to all information is the partner involved.

Your questionnaire is encrypted.  No one has access to it; not the web master nor site personnel.  Because this site contains information about your intimate life, extra precautions have been taken to ensure your confidentiality is guaranteed.

Unlike other social networks, there is no trick. Your email, and any email you provide, will never be used for any purpose other than communicating with you.  It will never be sold or distributed to anyone.

It should also be noted that Friends on PeaceReminder are not like Facebook friends.  Unfortunately, “friend” has become a term of art, and the true meaning is diluted today.  Being a friend on PeaceReminder means that you are trusted to know and love the female partner well enough to help her in her relationship, and provide her partner with unique insights into what makes her happy.

Similarly, Circle on PeaceReminder is not Google circle. It is confined her inner-most circle of loved ones: her mother, father, siblings, or anyone you trust who can provide helpful guidance into her happiness.

Love is at the core of PeaceReminder. 

You must love your partner to sign up, you must love the female partner and respect her relationship to sign up as a Friend or as a Circle.  As a result, know that an invitation to join is an honor and a mark of trust for the receiver.  PeaceReminder stands behind that trust by ensuring everything you provide is treated with the utmost care and confidentiality.

About the Author:

Anne is the author of Happily Ever After In The Real World and the founder of She focuses on long distance relationships and life improvement.

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