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What’s happening with PeaceReminder?

banner finalPeaceReminder is first and foremost an idea for the Greater Good!

This site has been conceived to help people and it will help people as long as I am in charge.

This idea came from my belief that life can only be wonderful if one loves and feels loved. In this ever-changing world, where professional and financial challenges are at every corner, it is essential to nurture the only relationship in an adult life that can be rejuvenating.

Technology offers the opportunity to bring pragmatism and efficiency in the important relationship that is the center of family life. is that project, result of my lifetime experience combined with years of research and reading. is now live and launched!

It’s the beginning of a long adventure. I am looking for a business angel who would want to be part of this revolutionary project. It is not only a wise investment, it is a fulfilling one. If you, or anyone you know would be interested in joining me, please send me an email.

Register on peacereminder, it is free. And give me your precious feedback!


About the Author:

Anne is the author of Happily Ever After In The Real World and the founder of She focuses on long distance relationships and life improvement.

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