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9 Things to keep your sanity as a parent


  1. Learn to say no to keep your schedule under control.
  2. Make sure your child has enough sleep.
  3. Make sure you have enough sleep.
  4. Let your child know that life is not Disneyland: they’d better get used to it!
  5. Let your child know that entitlement comes with responsibility.
  6. Make it compulsory to save some time for yourself: remember airplane safety measure, you are supposed to place the oxygen mask on yourself BEFORE you place it on your child. Have you ever wondered why?
  7. Make it compulsory to save some time for your couple. Your couple is the foundation of your family.
  8. Don’t listen to parenting lectures that do not understand that you don’t have two hours ahead of you to convince your child that it is time to go!
  9.  You are doing your best: stop feeling guilty at the first opportunity!








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